Orlando is the fourth largest city in the state of Florida and the 73rd largest city in the United States. Located in Florida’s “sun belt” region, this city is known for its warm climate, beautiful beaches, and even more so for its world-famous amusement parks, entertainment, and attractions!

This area has produced some impressive results for real estate investors already and this trend is likely to continue.  Property prices are up, appreciation rates are increasing steadily, and the cost of living remains below the national average.

Millions of people visit the Orlando area making it the most visited tourist destination in the country.
Orlando’s employment growth is among the best in the U.S.
Orlando was recently named the “hottest” single-family real estate market among the 50 largest US metro areas (Ten-X Research’s quarterly report). According to the report, Orlando has been elevated to the nation’s top market position due to limited supply, rising home values, ample jobs and income growth, especially in the leisure/hospitality sector.
Orlando offers great opportunities for buy and hold real estate investments today. This is especially true for investors looking to invest in one of the most quickly growing economies in the nation while prices are still below their pre-recession peaks.